The answer is simple – with a mortgage broker you get more choice and almost certainly a better deal.

You will be dealing with experienced professionals.

The idea is to find you the home loan that offers the best value with the features and flexibility that you require now and into the future.  Your mortgage broker will listen to you and provide information and answers to all of your questions.  Fixed interest rates,  break fees, offset accounts, or repayment holidays, just to name a few.  It is your broker’s job to assist you in making an informed decision and we have a legal responsibility to ensure your loan is suitable.

Lenders only pay commission if your application is successful

So it simply isn’t in anyone’s interest to submit applications that are not going to succeed.  After all your broker ends up doing a lot of work for nothing and you end up with a damaged credit history. As a result, they will methodically check your income and your situation to ensure that it fits with what the lender expects. Only then will they submit an application.

With over half of all new loans now written by mortgage brokers and the added protection of the National Consumer Credit Protection legislation – there is little doubt that mortgage broker’s offer a better experience and potentially real savings for their clients.

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WE DON'T CHARGE YOU because the banks pay us commission but you get the same or even better deal and better service
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