The answer is simple – you get more choice

Don’t hang around waiting for appointments – we don’t have to meet with you to get an application started.

You will be dealing with experienced professionals –  all Peach mortgage brokers hold a Diploma in Financial Services.

Peach staff mortgage brokers are not paid any commission

Our mortgage brokers are paid a flat hourly rate and receive no volume incentives or share of commissions. In fact the only bonus our mortgage brokers are paid is when you, the client compliment us for a job well done.

Lenders only pay us if your application is successful

It isn’t in our interest or your interest to submit applications that are not going to succeed – after all we end up doing work for nothing and you end up with a damaged credit history. As a result we will methodically check your income and your situation to ensure that it fits with what the lender expects and only then will be submit an application. We average less than one failed application a year – and they only happen when information has been withheld from us.

We will check all of your paper work and help you prepare an application then we lodge everything and follow up through the process.

With around half of all new loans now written by mortgage brokers and the added protection of the National Consumer Credit Protection legislation – there is little doubt that mortgage broker’s offer a better experience and potentially real savings for their clients. However many brokers are now outsourcing their processing in order to save money while we prefer to maintain control of the process meaning you are dealing with Peach staff at all times.

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Keeping It Simple Free No Obligation no credit inquiries
Provide some contact information and brief background and a broker will be in touch usually within the hour