Search Engine Report

Executive Summary

This report details how the current Peach Home Loans website ( is rated amongst Australia’s most popular search engines. The results derived are dependent on the types of keywords entered by users into search engines. Careful selection of the most effective meta tags (keywords) will enable P.H.L to more successfully target potential clients by attracting them to the site.

The investigation process used involved visiting each of the 8 chosen search engines and typing in the various keywords, as listed below.

The results indicate a stronger listing amongst localized search engines, primarily Google and the Australian Yahoo site. However, the Australian version of Alta Vista, NineMSN, and Excite did not return any listing for any of the words used. Lycos was the only effective non-localized engine. While direct searches for P.H.L. did in several cases find the site, more generic, topic related searches using other listed keywords proved ineffective.

Please view the attached XLS file for a tabular compilation of the results.

Search engines investigated:

The above engines are probably the most relevant, as they specifically target Australian sites, however some additional popular engines have also been included:


The keywords used to conduct this investigation were derived from the
current meta tag keywords listed in the current page’s source code.

Currently existing: (these are the current meta tags in
the page source code)

  • Loan
  • Home
  • discount loan
  • discount mortgage
  • save
  • money
  • mortgage
  • personal loan
  • investment
  • bank
  • capital
  • nicholas gruen
  • Australian
  • Bank
  • Finance
  • Arranger
  • Credit
  • secure

Possible additions:

  • Peach Home Loans
    • Plum Home Loans
    • Cheaper Home Loans
    • Mortgage brokers
    • Mortgage arrangers
    • Home finance



The P.H.L. site rated best amongst the local search engines, specifically Google, where it ranked the site 1st using “Peach Home Loans” or “Plum Home Loans” as the search query. “Mortgage arranger” and “Nicholas Gruen” also return a ranking of 3rd and 8th respectively.

Yahoo! Australia is powered by Google, and as such, some results were returned, however the rankings slightly differed and the list was not as extensive as Google. Yahoo ranked the site 1st under its old name “Plum Home Loans,” but failed to return a result with “Peach Home Loans.” The site was also ranked 6th using “Nicholas Gruen.”

Unfortunately, the site failed to make any listing in the top 50 for other
localized sites such as Alta Vista, Excite NineMSN. Hotbot and Go also
proved to be dead ends.

Surprisingly, Lycos proved to be the second best engine overall, ranking the site 2nd using “Peach Home Loans” and 1st using “Plum Home Loans.” It also returned findings for “mortgage arranger” and
“Nicholas Gruen.”


In summary, it is clearly evident that, while direct references to the company yielded positive results, any none-specific reference such as “Home Loans” or “mortgages” failed to return a result. This can be attributed to the sheer number of relevant sites available on the web. For instance, the search for “personal loans” in Google returned 1,270,000 results. The only anomalies to this trend were
“mortgage arranger” and “Nicholas Gruen.”


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