Scrapheap Adventure Ride
for Down Syndrome Association

The Ride is on again this time a serious adventure – with your help last year Andrew raised over $6,000

This year he will need to complete a 2,500 km round trip!

Back in 2010 an amazing guy, Perry Gilsenan created the Scrapheap Adventure Ride – simple rules buy a motor bike ideally for under $1,000 then make it road worthy and on the last weekend of September everyone rides to a pre-determined location – one year a camel station west of Bourke, last year Nymboida and this year Urana.  Of course all the riders look for sponsors and supporters to help them raise much needed funds.

What is amazing is that Perry Gilsenan came up with this idea in order to demonstrate to his daughter who has down syndrome that people with disabilities can make a difference – you see Perry had lost both of his legs at twelve years of age in a terrible train accident – but that hasn’t stopped him from riding hundreds of thousands of kilometres fund raising.

It’s easy to see why the Scrapheap Adventure would be so appealing to me last year I rode a 1976 Yamaha AG 175 bought for only $350.  I got lost in the forest, blew my headlight and the engine over a grueling 500kms  – but this year it will be 2,500kms and so I have opted for a bigger bike. OK – yes it is a  BMW that I picked for a bargain but it needed a lot of work and after 4 months I finally have it ready to start my training.  That’s right 500kms each day for 5 days requires serious training.

Scraphead BMW Ready


So if you can spare just ten dollars or whatever then you will be helping a very important cause and you can donate through this link

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Hunter

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