Sharing our commission for over 17 years

Don’t fall for promises of future payments that may or may not happen. Despite the claims of some brokers trail commission cannot be guaranteed, that’s why we pay you up front. 


We pay you a rebate from the upfront commission that lenders pay us.

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Peach Home Loans is the mortgage broker who pioneered commission rebates back in 2000 and our unique operation allows us to share our commission with our customers and remain profitable. When we arrange your loan we are doing quite a bit of the work that the lender’s staff would otherwise have to do and as a result the lenders pay us a commission on the upfront (loan amount) – this is typically $600 per $100,000. We try to recover our processing costs from this commission and then share what is left over with you. Lenders also pay us a small trailing commission typically from 0.15% to 0.25% pa paid on the outstanding loan balance … and this is where we try to make our profit.. after all we are in business to make a profit.

It is important to understand that these commissions are not added to your mortgage interest rate or fees, you get exactly the same deal and sometimes better, by using Peach as your mortgage broker.

Some loans are much more complex and so are more expensive for us to process while some loans such as offshore borrowers carry a much higher compliance load and so our rebates can vary but we will disclose this to you completely up-front.

We will give you a “Rebate Agreement” that clearly spells out the conditions of the payment. Lenders pay us the upfront commission usually around the end of the month following settlement and once these payments clear our account we will then deposit your rebate into your nominated bank account. Check our testimonials if you don’t believe it. Of course there are conditions, after all as mentioned we have to make a profit to survive and we make our profit from your loan continuing for a reasonable period ( by loan we mean the net balance of your loan after offset is taken into account). You are not locked in to anything, if you want to refinance or restructure that’s fine as long as you allow us to arrange it for you – as this means we will continue to earn our trailing commission. If you dramatically reduce your loan balance ( by loan we mean the net balance of your loan after offset is taken into account) or decide to discharge your loan and go elsewhere within the first 3 years then we reserve the right to request that you repay the rebate – this is extremely rare which we think indicates that we normally do a good job of finding the right product for our clients.

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See our main rebate conditions here Rebate conditions

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