For most of Australia there never was a bubble

The bubble in Melbourne is rapidly deflating due to over-supply of units while Sydney is not as exposed the stalled growth of income  means affordability is in crises.  As a result offshore investors need to be relied to maintain the heat in the market – is that sustainable. Meanwhile in Perth when allowing for inflation […]

Investor clamp down could be serious for some

The two tiered growth evident across Australia’s property markets continues  with Sydney and Melbourne still on turbo boost.  However there is some indication that auction clearances are easing off. The recent clamp down on investment lending by APRA could cause further easing however it could have  a damaging impact on regions that have not enjoyed the recent […]

Over heated propery market

Housing Oversupply Tipped to Cool Markets

The normally subdued winter property market has been anything but chilled – in fact Sydney and Melbourne continues to be what  can only be described as over-heated. With Melbourne joining Sydney reporting a median house price over $1 million – these two cities are rapidly approaching New York level of property prices. Sydney properties average […]

Affordability Down the Drain in Sydney

The June Property Market update by Residex shows some alarming figures for house affordability across Australia and Sydney as would be expected is the least affordable.  But more alarming is that after tax income for the median family earning median income and purchasing a median house at 80% LVR shows a net after mortgage income […]

When Is A Property HotSpot Luke Warm

I read an article today naming Cremorne on Sydney’s north shore as this week’s HOTSPOT and if you look at recent figures you have to agree: Median 12 month growth:10.46% Median 3 year growth: 15.74% Median 5 year growth: 32.74% However the 10 year average growth is only 4.07% and if you take the average inflation […]

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