Non-resident home loans

Australian prudential regulators have made it extremely difficult for non-citizen to borrow in Australia.  Even Australian expat citizens are finding it difficult to obtain finance.

By comparison to most of the world, Australia has a highly regulated banking sector and as a result many people arriving from overseas find the home loan application process tedious and daunting. Peach holds a full Australian Credit Licence and is an MFAA (Mortgage Finance Assoc Aust) approved mortgage broker.

We now have access to 90% LVR for applicants in Australia on temp visas, including 457

We can offer you access to more than 200 loan products from over twenty Australian lenders – using small building societies to the major banks. If you are planning immigration to Australia we can put you in touch with buyers advocates and FX traders.

While we are an online mortgage broker we pride ourselves on prompt first class personal service to home buyers from overseas. As our testimonials confirm, we have exceeded the expectations of many of our clients and will endeavour to exceed yours.

Our staff are available to advise you on your overseas buying situation whether you are considering a residential property or an investment property.

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Note to overseas investors:

Investment in the Australian property market generally requires pre-approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inquire if any approval is required. The term ‘non-resident’ for lending purposes applies to a person who: Permanently resides out of Australia and is not an Australian citizen;

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