If there is one thing you must have in the Sydney market today is a valid loan approval

With the Sydney mortgage market slowing and stalling in some locations it is more important than ever to ensure that the loan approval that you think have is valid.   You have no idea how many calls we get from desperate people who have won at auction and paid their deposit only to discover the pre-approval they had was worthless. It doesn’t get any more stressful than this and in some cases it is simply too late to assist and these people lose their deposit … and they can potentially lose a lot more.

Unfortunately a number of lenders are no longer even accepting applications for pre-approvals – in a market so dominated by auction selling this is a very difficult situation.

Last year the prudential regulator and ASIC took a sledge hammer to the mortgage industry and as a result people who 12 months would have had no difficulty obtaining finance are being knocked back far and wide.   Many lenders no longer allow negative gearing for investors while interest only loans can destroy your borrowing capacity.   You can’t simply rely on a wink from a bank manager – you need a valid approval and a good mortgage broker.

mortgage broker SydneyLife in Sydney can be hectic do you really have time to get bogged down waiting for appointments or meetings, that simply don’t need to happen. It’s the 21st century so it doesn’t matter if you are in Redfern, Maroubra, Penrith the Central Coast or anywhere in NSW for that matter. We can get started on your home loan application within minutes so why not call us to discuss – absolutely no obligation and no cost.

Let us analyse your options, at the moment there is some real competition for your business so why not check with us to see how much better you could be doing.

Did You Say Cashback?

By using the internet and telephone instead of wasting time in traffic and arranging appointments we save a lot of money and pass some of those savings back to you as a rebate from the commission that the lenders pay us to arrange your loan. You get our professional service for free and even better you get a cash back – see here for how we do it.

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WE DON'T CHARGE YOU because the banks pay us commission but you get the same or even better deal and better service
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