Immigration to Australia

Immigration to Australia can be a complex process.  Australian mortgage credit is very highly regulated so please expect delays and frustration.  You can make your home buying easier with the personal service from Peach Home Loans.

There are many variations in policy between lenders and their interpretation of your suitability. Your class of visa can also have a major influence. Our experienced staff are available to advise you on your situation whether you are considering a residential property and require a budget ‘no-frills’ loan or are expanding a commercial operation to Australia and are seeking a professional package.

If you are coming to Australia and need finance contact us now.

Note to overseas investors:

Under current prudential restrictions it is very difficult for non-citizen investors to obtain finance in Australia.

Investment in the Australian property market generally requires pre-approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inquire if
any approval is required. A streamlined Residential Real Estate application form can be obtained online here; this form should be completed by non-residents seeking to acquire an interest in the Australian residential property market as individuals (and not through a company or trust).

Keeping It Simple No Obligation no inquiries on your credit file
Provide some contact information and brief background and your broker will be in touch usually within the hour