How presentation and care affects a property’s value

There are many reasons as to how properties get their value. A valuer arriving to a specific amount considers a lot of factors. One may not think that a property’s look, care and presentation matter but presentation and care actually belonged to the top factors as revealed by the valuers at

According to propellvaluers’ Top 10 factors affecting valuation (2011), presentation and care was seventh. According to Propell’s article, “presentation and care refers to the quality or absence of maintenance, garden care, suitability and cleanliness of the property.”

For people having properties or for those new home buyers, first home buyers or property investors on the hunt for a property of their own it is best to know which part of the presentation and care mattered to valuers when they come up with the value of a property.

A property’s maintenance is one of the crucial areas considered by property valuers. Although they are not property inspectors, property valuers have been trained on what to look for in the building. Property owners should not set maintenance aside as it can greatly affect the value of the property.

Anything that is rotting is not a good sign so always look for this as one issue can lead to another one. Prevention is always better than cure but nobody would want to pay for costly repairs so avoiding one before it happens should be practiced. Always look at the other houses in the vicinity as it is one of the aspects that valuers consider. Remember that if your property is well maintained, it most likely has retained its value.

Gardens are also a good place to look at. If you’re the only jungle in the neighborhood it could go back to the thought that your property is not maintained so looking after your garden is important. Make sure that it is neat and clean. Pull out weeds and clear out dead plants. Try to be the greener pasture on the next yard. Try to keep making your property look like an inspiration.

Keeping renovations in proportion should also be practiced as the surrounding properties have an indirect effect on your property’s price. Try not be the castle surrounded by peasant houses as it could be a red flag for valuers as it could mean that you are over-capitalised for that location.

The last and most subjective factor affecting the value of a property is cleanliness. Although an objective view is required when coming up with a final price, a dirty property would go back to the notion of the property lacking maintenance. Dirty kitchens or bathrooms for example could automatically lead valuers to think that what is underneath is rotting and dirty as well.


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