Green credentials ‘important’ when buying a new home

Anyone who is thinking about purchasing a new home may wish to take its green credentials into account, as these can improve its value over time.

Gordon Miller, co-founder and sustainability and communications director of advocacy membership group Sustain Worldwide, remarked that there is an “inherent value premium” in sustainable property, particularly over the long-term.

He commented that new-build properties with green features tend to be less expensive to operate, as they are better-insulated, require less cooling and heating, and may even be fitted out with energy-efficient appliances for further savings.

“What’s more, they will increase in value faster – or depreciate less than existing homes – because they are more future-proofed than a conventionally-built existing house that will require expensive retro-fitting,” Miller explained.

However, there are several other essential factors you must consider when planning a new property purchase.

Sydney Morning Herald writer Chris Tolhurst asserted earlier this month that before you apply for a new home loan, it is essential for you to carry out plenty of thorough research.

He pointed out that most property investments achieve good capital growth after a period of at least seven to ten years, so it is best to approach your decision with the long-term in mind.


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