Know what you want and you want it now!

We prefer to offer you a full service however the Consumer Credit Act does allow us to provide a basically ‘no advice service’ for people who can demonstrate that they know what they want. If you are a first home buyer then this option is not for you.

If you are an experienced property buyer with a good and current understanding of the market and your needs then we can provide you what you want and pay you 70% of our upfront commission as a rebate. We can get started on an application immediately and be ready to submit as soon as you provide us what we need. Here is what we need you to provide us:

    • A clear statement of what you require in terms of lender, product name, loan amount, security being offered
    • A detailed spreadsheet showing your existing properties, their location, value, current loan balances, repayments and rental income – or you can download our template here.
    • If you have an existing relationship with the lender you want then we simply need a copy of your driver’s licence – otherwise we will need to comply with the lenders identification requirements, usually certified copies of your licence, but may be a visit to a branch or post office
    • copies of current bank statements for all existing loans and credit card facilities showing 6 months transactions
    • your most recent payslip showing year to date and annual base salary and most recent group certificate if payslip does not show salary
    • council rates notices for any property being refinanced
    • sign and return this privacy consent / credit guide

As soon as we receive these documents we will start the application process

We will then prepare an application and provide you with a detailed application summary and the required lenders signature pages. On receipt of these back from you we will press the submit button and your application will be underway.

What you must confirm – that you understand

This is not our standard brokerage service at your instruction we are submitting an application on your behalf using the information that you have provided.  While we will conduct mandatory servicing and other tests to ensure that the application meets with the lenders requirements, we are not :

      • comparing the product that you want against other products that we know to be available
      • while we will ensure that the product is not unsuitable we will make no effort to find products that may be more suitable
      • providing any advice on loan structure or loan type

You will provide us with factual, full disclosure of all pertinant information. If you later withdraw the application or if you fail to disclose information and this results in an application rejection we will require you to pay us a fee of $300 for our services, plus out of pocket expenses eg: valuation costs. This fee will not be waived under any circumstances and full debt recovery procedures will commence after 30 days non-payment.

Commission Rebate 70% of Upfront

We will pay you 70% of the net upfront commission that we receive from the lender through our aggregation group ie: net of GST and any aggregation fees. This amount will be paid into your nominated account on receipt of the commission payment which normally occurs in the month following settlement.

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WE DON'T CHARGE YOU because the banks pay us commission but you get the same or even better deal and better service
Provide some contact information and brief background and we will be in touch shortly - or if you are in a hurry call us now.