Consider pets when buying a home

If you are planning a move to a new house, obvious considerations you will want to think about before you apply for a home loan include whether or not the size of the property will suit your family, location and proximity to amenities.

But one expert suggests that family pets should not be overlooked when planning a move to a new house or apartment.

Urban planner Virginia Jackson told the Sydney Morning Herald that cat and dog owners need to consider the needs of their four-legged friends when choosing a new home.

In addition to providing a comfortable, well-ventilated space for pets, Jackson advises that there are a number of things for prospective homebuyers to look for when choosing a new property.

For example, cats may require a space with climbing opportunities so they can look around rooms and see what is going on, while dog owners may prefer windows with double glazing or thickened glass, which can help muffle barking and other sounds.

And while hard flooring is cool on paws and more resistant to odours than carpets, it may be too slippery for older animals.

Once you have found the perfect pet-friendly property, you may wish to speak to a mortgage broker about the best home loan options to suit your family’s budget.


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