Line of Credit

A line of credit is a perpetual interest only loan and with some lenders you can let interest capitalise – although we don’t recommend this for owner occupied property it can under certain circumstances be useful for investments. It means you can make no payment and let your loan balance gradually rise. To do this you need a line of credit from a lender who does not require regular interest payments (not all lenders will do this eg: CBA). You also need to make sure that you have not reached the limit of your borrowing – because if you have, the lender will want payment!

Does all this sound scary, it depends on your circumstances. If you watch your finances you might be happy to extend your loan because you believe the asset value of your property is rising – something that needs very careful attention in the current market.

Your investment property finance strategy may include capitalising interest on the investment loan and using the extra cash from not making repayments to allow you to pay other personal expenses for instance repay the home loan. However we strongly advise that you seek tax advice and consider an individual ATO tax ruling before you proceed – get some written tax advice as most lenders will not otherwise approve this structure.

(Remember the statements made above are general. You should check with your taxation adviser what the situation is with respect to your specific circumstances.)


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