Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just look at a simple table of features and costs and decide which are the best home loans  for your needs.  However we don’t all drive the same cars because we all have different expectations and values – home loans offered by different lenders are just like any other off the shelf product.

Good mortgage brokers won’t just answer your questions – they will look for questions and options that you may not have even considered.

Is the lowest interest rate the best home loan? – well that all depends

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For many lucky people the lowest rate can offer a very good outcome but please don’t confuse the best home loan with the cheapest interest rate.   Some cheap home loans restrict additional repayments or charge redraw while others may have big application fees.  Your broker can provide you with detailed comparisons including  fees and charges.

What makes the Best Home Loan

Lenders all have different attitudes as to what makes the ideal customer for their focus. This means that there are niches that can make one lender’s offering significantly more suitable for you, even if it is not the lowest interest rate. A good example is “Medico Policy” where doctors are often exempt from paying LMI up to 90% with the big banks – but some banks will also allow this exemption for suitably qualified accountants, lawyers and engineers. Other examples where your circumstances may or may suit a lender:

  • if you have started a new job some lenders will lend 95% while many will only do 80% with conditions
  • likewise if you are on probation most lenders are not interested while a few are happy to do 90% plus
  • self employed contractor may have to wait 2 years with some and no wait at all with others
  • some lenders insist on genuine saving for first buyers while some aren’t too fussy
  • maximum LVR can range from 85% to effectively 99% – ( 95% plus uncapped LMI of 4%)
  • not all lenders offer construction loans and some who do, shouldn’t!
  • many lenders won’t accept guarantors while many will force the guarantor to refinance their existing loans to them
  • many lenders don’t count your overtime or heavily discount it while other won’t accept bonuses
  • if you are about to take maternity leave – you might get an unpleasant surprise with some lenders

These are just some of the many policies that can catch you out and result in a failed loan application – which then shows on your credit report and creates even more headaches. The answer is simple, speak to an expert- even if you think you have made your mind up, why not get a professional second opinion, no cost and no obligation.

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