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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just look at a simple table of features and costs and decide which home loan was best for your needs.  However we don’t all drive the same cars because we all have different expectations and values – home loans offered by lenders are just the same.  Even the most experienced ‘dinner table expert’ can’t fully understand all of your individual needs and your situation.

Is the lowest interest rate the best home loan? – well that all depends

Please don’t confuse the best home loan with the cheapest interest rate. Let’s take an example where one lender offers a 3 year fixed rate of 3.89% when another lender offers 3.99% you might think the the first loan was clearly the best loan however this lender charges 0.25% to lock in the fixed rate (rate lock) when the other offers a free rate lock. So on a $500,000 loan you would save $500 per year with the lower interest rate using first loan and that’s $1,500 over the 3 year fixed period.   However the first lender has $800 in establishment costs while second lender is only $200  and that means the lender with the higher interest rate was overall $525 cheaper.   We can do the calculations for you including all the hidden fees and charges.

No home loan is ideal for everyone

The investment loan market has been turned on its head by the regulators however we can still offer  fixed or variable interest rates under 4%  however – these loans aren’t suitable for everyone.  We have around 25 different lenders and each one of them has a different policy while basic considerations such as borrowing capacity can vary by tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars between lenders.   Don’t forget that a lot of the lowest interest rates often have low LVR ( loan valuation ratio) or very high establishment costs or in some cases are only available for refinance – where as some lenders are currently refusing refinance …. there is no single rule that applies to all lenders.

Interest rates are important but other things also matter

Lender’s argue that their margins are very tight however the reality is we can negotiate discounts with many lenders that would have been unthinkable 2 years ago. It pays to shop around but direct contact with lenders can generate inquiries on your credit file and too many of these become a major cause of rejection, so why not let us do the shopping and keep your credit history nice and clean.

What makes the Best Home Loan

Lenders all have different attitudes as to what makes the ideal customer for their focus. This means that there are niches that can make one lender’s offering significantly more suitable for you, even if it is not the lowest interest rate. A good example is “Medico Policy” where doctors are often exempt from paying LMI up to 90% with the big banks – but some banks will also allow this exemption for suitably qualified accountants, lawyers and engineers. Other examples where your circumstances may or may not suit a lender:

  • if you have started a new job some lenders will lend 95% while many will only do 80% with conditions
  • likewise if you are on probation most lenders are not interested while a few are happy to do 90% plus
  • self employed contractor may have to wait 2 years with some and no wait at all with others
  • some lenders insist on genuine saving for first buyers while some don’t really care
  • maximum LVR can range from 85% to effectively 99% – ( 95% plus uncapped LMI of 4%)
  • not all lenders offer construction loans and some who do, shouldn’t!
  • many lenders won’t accept guarantors while many will force the guarantor to refinance their existing loans to them
  • many lenders don’t count your overtime or heavily discount it while other won’t accept bonuses
  • if you are about to take maternity leave – you might get an unpleasant surprise with some lenders

These are just some of the many policies that can catch you out and result in a failed loan application – which then shows on your credit report and creates even more headaches. The answer is simple, call us to discuss – even if you think you have made your mind up, why not get an independent second opinion, no cost and no obligation.

Home loan interest rates the news just keeps getting better

Several lenders are still offering variable interest rates below 3.90%. However we also have great fixed rates with free interest rate lock and 100% offset accounts making them a serious consideration for many borrowers…. see our page on fixed interest rates where we discuss the pros and cons of a fixed rate home loan..

Often on the surface the best home loan offers you see advertised can lack flexibility for example some restrict you to monthly repayment. Flexibility can be important and for many people there are very important tax benefits from using a 100% offset account these features should never be overlooked. And don’t be fooled by discount claims as there is no single standard variable interest rate any more – it is the bottom line that matters. We offer you an actual dollar cost comparison between products.

Family and friends will be keen to offer advice however beware as the needs of a parent down-sizing their home are entirely different to those of an investor or a first home buyer. There is no single “best home loan” – or one size fits all – and likewise each lender tends to be good at certain types of home loans and maybe not so good with others. Lenders all have variations in their lending policy and quite an enormous variation in the way they calculate your maximum home loan capacity. So you need a home loan tailored to your individual requirements.

At the risk of repeating ourselves – no two borrowers are the same and so we strongly recommend that you let us do our job and professionally assess your requirements and suggest the home loans best suited to your needs from the wide range available from our panel of lenders. Of course no mortgage broker covers the entire market but our panel is a good cross section of large banks, second tier banks, mortgage managers and building societies.
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