Australian Currency Converter

We have partnered with World First, a foreign exchange company that specialises in assisting our non-resident clients save money when they have to transfer money to or from Australia.

World First have offices in London, Sydney and Hamilton and have around
20,000 individual clients worldwide. They offer unbeatable exchange rates, a proactive service whereby they keep clients informed of rate movements, forward contracts where clients can fix the exchange rate in advance (these are ideal if you have paid the deposit and are due to pay the balance in 3 months) and the fastest available international payments.

They also are the only foreign exchange brokerage to offer alternative hedging strategies incorporating foreign exchange options. These strategies allow you to lock in a worst case FX rate while benefiting if the rate moves in your favour making it perfect for the long settlement periods we are currently experiencing.

Our staff are available to advise you on your situation whether you are
considering a residential property and require a budget ‘no-frills’ loan or
are expanding a commercial operation to Australia and are seeking a professional