Aged care reform could make seniors keep and stay home longer

Australia’s aged care system is undergoing reforms enabling many Australian seniors to keep their homes as they can receive aged care at their own houses. The new age care reform, a 10-year ‘Living Longer Living Better’ program, would give more choices and better care for the older and retiring Australians.

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard announced that the new age care reform would add more Home Care Packages amounting to almost 100,000 so as to lessen waiting time. There will also be new funding for dementia care and there will be a cap on costs.

Gillard shared,    “For the first time, we will also introduce fairness into the payment system. Right now, pensioners often pay more than people with hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and a private income. From now on the system will be fairer, based on capacity to pay.”

Over five years, about $3.7 billion has been promised to the package and a budget of $955.4 million will be given as Home Care packages so that the elderly can just stay at home, enjoy the fruit of their labors and not worry about leaving behind or selling properties or move to aged care residences.

The prime minister added that the, “Implementation of the reforms will be overseen by a new Aged Care Reform Implementation Council. The new reform package will be implemented in stages to enable providers and consumers to gain early benefits of key changes and have time to adapt and plan for further reform over the 10 years.”

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